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Schrödinger’s Autumnal Adventures

Schrödinger the quantum cat has been a very busy boy. He’s been out and about distributing quantum cat chocolates.

In case you’re wondering, a quantum cat chocolate is a cat-shaped chocolate that comes in a box. It’s in a state of flux between sweet and spicy, which revolves when you open the box.

Here he is at a bonfire party, presiding over the buffet:

Schrödinger the quantum cat at a buffet table

It was all I could do to stop him eating all those toffee apples. Naughty boy.

He’s been terrorizing small children for Hallowe’en:

Schrödinger on the head of a child

…and, of course, meeting up with a decidedly odd witch in the story Schrödinger and the Quantum Witch. If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy for free.

He also went to FantasyCon where he had his photo taken by random strangers, sat on the head of the ugliest baby doll in the world and made friends with the statuary in his own version of The Owl and the Pussycat.

cat and owl statue

And he almost had kittens (quite a thing, for a tom cat) when he saw himself on twitter:

He’s very excited about the forthcoming Christmas in the Multiverse story and plans to dress up as Santa for it. I haven’t told him that he’s only got one line. Well, Alex (his human) has to get a look in somewhere.

Nanu nanu from the Multiverse,

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