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Proof That Parallel Universes are REAL Part 4 – The Disappearing Pop Tart

Call off the theoretical physicists.

Tell the news hounds to stop their search.

Inter-dimensional travelers love a bit of sugar

We now have definitive proof that parallel universes are REAL, people.

25-year-old Shami Howes, of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, whose mother Deelie we met when her breakfast was rudely interrupted by an inter-dimensional traveler wielding a dangerous banana, told us about the horror of what happened next.

“My mom was crouched in a corner,” she told us. “Sobbing her poor weak heart out because of that man and his aggressive fruit.”

“Then all of a sudden, the pop tart I’d been cooking under the grill – well, it literally popped.”

Shami is mad that she lost her Pop Tart

“There was an almighty flash of lightning from the stove, and then when I went to look, the pop tart had vanished.”

“Just plain gone, I tell you.”

“I’m sure it went to another universe. Everyone knows those folks love a bit of sugar.”

Shami’s mom Deelie, still traumatised by the experience of seeing the banana man invading her home, had nothing to add.

But we couldn’t help but notice that she was licking her lips.

Nanu nanu from the Multiverse,

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