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Do you have what it takes?

Lost in the Multiverse is Available on Amazon!

Imagine the scene.

You’ve just solved an inter-dimensional crime.

Your facial hair is behaving relatively well, for once.

Your irritating new sidekick has proved to be more intelligent than you thought.

Time to jump into the Spinner and head for home.

But there’s a snag.

Instead of taking you home, the Spinner dumps you in a strange feline-infested universe you’ve never seen before.

And you can only get home if you solve a crime.

This is what happens to Multiverse Investigator Mike Long in Lost in the Multiverse, which you can now buy on Amazon.

Will Mike solve the crime? Will Alex find him before the cats decide they’ve had enough of him? And just how will Schrödinger prove to be the key to everything?

Find out by reading Lost in the Multiverse, now available as an ebook.

You won’t regret it – or will you?

Nanu nanu from the Multiverse,

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