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Diary of a Quantum Cat – FREE Series

Welcome to a new series of stories from the MIU!

During 2020, I’m going to be releasing a new story each month, detailing Schrödinger the quantum cat’s exploits for the previous month.

In January, he tries to use his quantum powers to destroy Alex’s Christmas present from her dad.

In February, he’ll be going on a romantic date – with disastrous consequences. (Can you imagine going on a date with a cat who’s both alive and dead at the same time?)

In March… who knows. He hasn’t got that far yet.

Diary of a Quantum Cat is exclusive to members of the MIU team. And you can join right here.

You’ll get the January installment immediately, followed by the February one in February, etc. Or if it’s already February or later when you sign up, I’ll send you an instalment each week until you’re all caught up, when you’ll start getting them every month.

Find out what adventures our favorite quantum cat enjoys each month by joining the MIU now.

Nanu nanu from the Multiverse,

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