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A TEN BOOK Series arc, did I hear you say?

Yup. Ten books.

Yesterday afternoon, after sending the manuscript of Murder in the Multiverse off to my editor, I thought it would be fun to lift my head out of the micro of editing and get a bot macro.

You don’t get much more macro than plotting a series arc for ten books.

There will be two major arcs. One will concern Alex’s relationship with the other members of the MIU, and her investigation of what’s really going on with some of them. The other will concern her family life.

No more details as yet – spoilers!

My next job is to finish putting Book 2, A Rift in Space and Crime, and to weave the series strands into that. Plotting – one of my favorite tasks!

As for how long it will take to write and publish those ten books, well that all depends on you, gentle reader. The more people buy them, the quicker I’ll write them. Otherwise I may just get distracted and write some dark thrillers under my other pen name.

I expect it’ll be somewhere between 2020 and 2022 that they’re all finished. Hell, I’ve gone and made a prediction now. .Let’s see if I can make it come true.

Nanu nanu from the Multiverse,

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